Do you know any of the following situations?


  •     "Repeatedly typing in information on the visa application"
  •     "Uncertainty when filling out the visa application - hopefully not filling out the wrong thing incorrectly!"
  •     "Why fill out a new visa application every time you apply?"
  •     "The millet porridge effect - you have to read a lot to reach your goal."


We support you with a tangibly simple visa application process.


Use the dynamic, web-based, online visa application process:


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              Complete visa application online                     Submit documents                                Receive visa confirmation


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The Deutsche Visa und Konsular Gesellschaft (DVKG) and it brand Global Consular Services (GCS) helps you to avoid repeated entry of information by recognizing existing information.

The digitalization of the visa application helps you to concentrate on entering the information. You will be systematically guided through the visa application process. The physical visa application, if requested, is then made available to you as a PDF file.

Your information is stored on secure servers in Germany for all further orders. Data privacy is our top priority. You have full access to your information at all times. DVKG is ISO 27001 certified.

Online extensive information is available on demand - or you contact with your preferred consular consultant!


In the area of visa applications, we provide you with comprehensive support in the following visa areas:

  •     Business visa
  •     Work visa
  •     Tourist visa
  •     Student visa
  •     Internship visa
  •     Visa for private visit
  •     Group Visas
  •     Legalization of documents


All online/electronic visa applications from all countries are managed by the DVKG in Germany. The consular consultants of the DVKG will take care of your visa application. Physical visas, e.g. to china, are accompanied by regional consular network partners.


We would like to facilitate your visa application with additional services:

  •     Procurement of invitation letters
  •     Creation and duplication of passport photos
  •     Pre-checking your visa documents
  •     Transfer of visa application information - document service
  •     Information on changes to visa regulations
  •     Travel and security information from the Federal Foreign Office



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