Passport Photo Service

In over 80% of a visa application a passport photo is required. In most cases, a biometric passport photograph must be submitted.


To obtain the following, the easiest way a biometric passport photo:

  • Make a selfie after guidance
  • Upload the photo in your personal customer account


We print out the appropriate number of passport photographs to the necessary size and quality for your visa application.


By the way: if you need a passport photograph for a German document (e.g.: ID card, passport) we also support you with our passport photo service.



The requirements for a recent passport photo:

  • Done within the last six months
  • Frontal view of the head must be centered in the image and precisely aligned
  • Neutral facial expression (no smiling)
  • Do not wear headgear in the pictures (except for religious reasons)
  • The image must be sharp, contrast and evenly lit
  • The recording must be of good quality and natural skin tones
  • The background must monochrome, bright and not decorative
  • The eyes must be open, and looking in the camera
  • Neutral facial expression and closed mouth (no smiling)
  • A pair of glasses, which is worn daily, may be used if it does not produce reflections, the eyes will not collapse or are in the shade.
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