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Objective of legalization is to confirm the validity and authenticity of documents. For some categories of visa legalization is essential. For the international trade legalization of commercial documents is often mandatory.


For legalization often original documents must be presented. In some cases, a prior certification by an authority is required.The Deutsche Visa und Konsular Gesellschaft offers comprehensive possibilities of legalization / certification to:


➢ Amtsgericht

➢ Federal Administration (BVA)

➢ health or veterinary authority or regional council



➢ Provincial Government

➢ Landgericht

➢ notary

➢ Patent Office

➢ certificate or birth certificate


Hague Convention / Apostille

For foreign public documents eliminates the legalization requirement in a number of states. This is where the Hague Convention 1961 application and the document must be provided with an "apostille". We assist you in applying for an Apostille.


Below is an overview of documents that are often legalized:


➢ statements of intent

➢ assignment documents

➢ adoption papers

➢ Certificates of Analysis

➢ contracts

➢ proof of export

➢ clearance certificates

➢ Anniversaries, Lebenspartnerschafts- and marriage certificates

➢ business contracts

➢ shareholder resolutions

➢ Partnership agreements

➢ founding documents of a corporation

➢ charters certificates of origin

➢ vaccination cards

➢ Health Records

➢ patents

➢ bills

➢ (high) school certificates

➢ Deed

➢ Veterinary certificates

➢ powers

➢ powers

➢ residence declarations

➢ Certificates


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