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The Visa and Consular corporation is a specialized consular service provider for the travel market and personnel / HR market. In this diversified range of activities, of what we can offer to the travel and personnel / HR industry, can be expressed in simple terms:


We take the uncertainty in the visa application process completing something wrong in a wrong way and saving precious time.


The Visa and Consular corporation is working on the establishment of an international Visa and Consular community all our customers can jointly pursue their economic activity. Through membership in the Visa and Consular corporation you benefit from many advantages, but the access to a unique data source. We provide a unique Visa and Consular market - and looking constantly for new and better ways to simplify visa application processes.


We support our customers to meet individual needs meaningful.


The Visa and Consular corporation helps to reduce costs and uncertainties in the visa application and thereby stands out for its dedication and efficiency. We are trying to understand your needs and provide products and services, through which you can reduce your time in the visa application, and avoid entering redundancies. While expanding our range of services we would like to assure an experienceable and personalized travel experience for you.


We support our customers run their businesses more efficiently.


We try to capture your business concerns in detail and relevant, provide value-added products and services that allow to achieve savings in terms of time, stress and money. Our products and services give dynamic and optimize business processes, procedures and reporting. We offer smart solutions for Visa and Consular Management. In order to support every day your business growth.

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